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title pic Goldilocks & the Three Bears Party

April 4, 2011


Once in a while, a party comes along that is so well thought out, so beautifully coordinated, and so unique in it’s details, that it just makes you say WOW, and wonder what kind of mom can pull that off. Well, this Goldilocks and the Three Bears birthday party is that kind of party. The incredibly creative and talented Paula of  Frog Prince Paperie has done it again  (remember this party, and this party, and don’t forget this one, just to mention a few).

This party has bear friendly desserts, activities, and decor. Dark wooden crates, trays and tiny dollhouse chairs were used to display desserts that might find their way into a bear celebration: baked porridge topped with maple frosting and cinnamon, marzipan acorns, honey cupcakes, chocolate covered bear pops, bear sugar cookies, and all natural lollipops.  I have to wonder if the Three Bears really had it this good. Did Mama Bear have the style to decorate in teal and orange? I don’t know, but Brennan is one lucky little bear!


Love those personalized blocks by Laugh LOUD Smile BIG!

Yummy chocolate covered marzipan acorns are displayed on adorable little wooden chairs! Best of all, the chairs are on little tree stumps.


Allyson Jane made some delicious sugar cookies to match the bear theme.



On her blog, Paula describes how she put it all together and gives the delicious recipes so you must check it out!

Here she has “baked porridge” (!!!) a cake-like treat made with oatmeal. The recipe sounds delicious!



If you’re impressed by all that, your jaw is about to drop…


Using a bed as a table- it doesn’t get more genius than that! Everything is so perfect- the tablecloth… the wooden chairs adorned with teal and orange and a teddy bear seating card… and the awesome cardboard lunch boxes!


Here’s a closeup of the lunchboxes. Tied with a cute tag “not for goldilocks: baby bears are hungry!” and a wooden spoon. Wow!


The  party favors are just too cute! A cuddly teddy bear sits in a personalized bowl and hold a personalized wooden spoon- perfect for eating porridge!


Here’s the adorable birthday boy and his beautiful sister! The cute party hats were made by Southern Belle’s Charm and the embroidered shirt  by 2 Manic Mommies Embroidery.


Here’s the craft activity corner where the kids made paper bag bears.


They colored using crayons from personalized crayon boxes- LOVE!


Gorgeous, gorgeous photo booth with props and bear costume accessories- that is the perfect touch to this party! Beautiful burlap banner made by Laugh LOUD Smile BIG.


Paula doesn’t miss a detail, and she truly created a cozy bear home by using unique Goldilocks and the Three Bears inspired wall art . Oh, and that stunning backdrop is bead board painted with teal paint.




This one’s my favorite… (it’s the birthday boy’s sister)


There’s more! Here’s a bear friendly snack table. The jars say “Berries,” “Mushrooms,” “Twigs” and “Brown Bears.” That’s bear code for candy raspberries, chocolate capped mushrooms, pumpernickel pretzel sticks and Teddy Grahams. These were all at kid level and the kids filled up their snack cups with little treats.


You can get all the printables for this party from Frog Prince Paperie and make sure to check out Paula’s fabulous blog!

Vendor Credits:

Paperie and styling | Frog Prince Paperie
Photography  |  John McLaughlin and Paula Biggs
Name Blocks and Burlap Banner  |  Laugh Loud Smile Big
Party hats  |   Southern Belle’s Charm

Flower arrangements  |  Buds, Etc.
Sugar Cookies  |  Allyson Jane

Lollipops | Hammond’s Candies

Monogrammed birthday boy jon jon  |  2 Manic Mommies Embroidery