Saturday, December 7, 2013

title pic Winter Wonderland Snowman Desserts, Decorations, and Crafts

December 7, 2010

It snowed in New York today! Ok, it was only a few minutes of flurries, but a perfect excuse for a post on snowman desserts and decor :)

Celebrate winter with adorable smiley snowman cookies, like these decorated cookies by Allyson Jane.


Cheerful snowmen and women put a smile on everyone’s faces. Make your parties extra jolly and festive with amazing snowman desserts and decor like these Frosty Snowman Cupcake Cookies, gorgeous Glamour Snowgirl Cake Pops, a Snowman Eggnog Bowl, and an adorable Snowman Tree Ornament.


Even snowgirls can be ultra chic and glamorous. These hotties are by Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats.


Your kids will love a winter wonderland snowman lunch like this adorable bento lunch prepared by Melissa from Another Lunch. I’m flipping for this adorable hard boiled egg snowman and cheddar cheese mittens! My kids would so eat that. Wish I was the kind of mom who made lunches like these.


Eat those Snowman Cupcakes before they completely melt away!


Beautiful fondant snowgirls frolic in coconut snow. They dress up any snowman dessert table!


Chris from Celebrations at Home designed this adorable snowman centerpiece using 2 stacked fishbowl glass vases and filled with faux snow flakes. So simple and cute!


Jenn from Hostess with the Mostess has the tutorial for this fabulous snowman centerpiece made of yarn pom poms and styrofoam balls. How cute is this snowman couple?! LOVE IT!


Some more super cute snowman ideas: Snowman Snow Globe Dessert made with truffles and candies, Folded Paper Pinwheel Snowman, Clay Snowman Ornament holding his gifts, and Snowman Dipped Pretzels.